energy healing reiki healing chakra meditation in Benicia Concord Martinez Fairfield CA

energy healing reiki healing chakra meditation in Benicia And San Francisco bay area.

Spiritual healing alchemy healing chakra balancing energy healing is a school of knowledge and a spiritual path to enlightenment state of presence and peace

The power of spiritual healing comes from the intention of its practitioners.

It requires attention focus concentration and patience and  expanded awareness that honors
Intelligence and invites inspiration and assistance from the realms of spirit guides.

Only skilled and developed spiritual advisers and healers can assist you with your spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is magical it is the gift of grace and the mystery

Hello and welcome to Benicia spiritual advisor.

It is my intention to use my website to convey as much as I can about spiritual healing, energy healing, chakra balancing.
And I hope you will discover that healing is an Activity as a natural result of expanding your consciousness to a much Boulder experience of reality.


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