alchemy healing arts

alchemy healing arts




Whats this secret I'm talking about you ask?

Well for centuries what no-one from elders to priests want us to acknowledge is that Alchemy, Witchcraft, The Law Of Attraction, fengshui, energy healing, California psychic reading certain religions, psychic and spiritual gifts, chakra balancing and chakra cleansing meditation and many more are one and the similar. How you may ask, Well if you take each one of these the answer is simple everything in life involves energy intake and output the power of thought and the belief that what you putting out there is and will be.... so the truth is everything is truly connected it is all energy movement and acknowledgment of a higher power 

Alchemy/witchcraft.... use of natural resources of the earth.
The Law Of Attraction....the believe that what we think and feel can and will be.
Fengshui.... The belief of a energy flow and placement and elements creating positive energies versus negative energies. 
Energy healing.... Creating a energy that heals mind, body, heart, Spirit and soul.
Religion.... The belief that prayer and positive thought results in a positive outcome.
Psychic and spiritual gifts.... also the belief that energy movement and encouraging positive thoughts can and will bring the desires of your heart.
Chakra balancing.... The belief that a inner energy alignment creates a positive flow of energy from within affecting the spiritual, mental, physical aspects of your life.

So with this list you can see for yourself that it is all connected and very similar but yet unique and different in their own way. California psychics and best spell casters are here at your service and enhance your life positively.



alchemy/witchcrafts take on love

When we welcome this mystical and mysterious energy into our lives, we not only discover but we also invite the fulfillment of excitement, compassion, good humor and happiness that a genuine love brings. Love is not just about sex -- its an intoxicating mix of emotions and vibrations that emanate from a variety of sources and experiences scaling from ranges of Lovers, Partners, parents, children, pets, Friends, nature and so much more.... lasting love is the divine expression of the universe a true love brings peace from within.

Having difficulties finding a fulfilling and lasting love a love that will withstand the test of time? 

The bay area witch and associates are here to help! we have been working for generations together to fulfill that empty void that this society seems to be facing let's face it in this day of age there is a daunting amount of divorce, separation, betrayal, fear of commitment and a frightening amounts of diseases this generation is so willing to accept and even embrace. It seems so many of this generation complains and harps on hurt feelings, betrayal, confusion, rejection, when it seems  this generations hunger for independence is what truly destroyed everlasting love

How can alchemy/witchcraft spells help you with your relationship

The Spells, Meditation and creative ideas that are designed uniquely to help you focus on your desire for love friendship and happiness in your daily life. Working with one of our professional spellcaster's we will guide you to a place where you will welcome love into your life letting go of negative feelings and situations that no longer carry the true spirit of love we will work closely with you to design a personalized spell package that is right for your needs creating the happiness and love that you have been seeking we work intensely to create that atmosphere of love and desire.

What a love spell can do for you

At the bay area witch and associates we create unique love spells for unique problems using a love spell is a powerful tool that will enhance your love life, Will remove blockage, that will stop cheating/betrayal, attract A lover to your life, removes outside influence, stops breakups, can repair any relationship, returns lost desire and passion, creating an everlasting love that will withstand the test of time.

A spell is like a recipe and magic is like the art of science using magic you can achieve any goal As long as you respect and understand that using a higher power you must be willing to make necessary changes although you may seek perfection you will never attain it here on the earthly plane this means that any relationship you enter requires responsibility and effort to keep it essence healthy. A relationship with anybody is not stagnant all relationships change as we would matured encounter new experiences over time area energy of any relationship moves, grows, changes.

Just to name a few spells that we provide are
Reuniting spell
Commitments spell
Binding love spell
Love spell
Stop outside influence spell
Increased passion/desire spell
Attract a new lover spell
Penis control spell
cheating spell
And much more for more details feel free to contact us